2017/2018 Season Awards | Kalahari Country Club
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2017/2018 Season Awards

We're so proud of our team and the quality of each and every player. Take a look at the awards for the 2017/2018 season.

Player of the Year: Carel Coetzer

Kathu I Batsmen of the Year: Johanco Faihst

Kathu I Bowler of the Year: Gerrit Cloete

Kathu II Batsmen of the Year: Hilton Duimpies

Kathu II Bowler of the Year: Conroy van Kradenburg

Newcomer of the Year: Ayasanga Hanisi

Most Improved Player: Chris Mitchell

T20 Player of the Year: FP Klijnhans

Players Player of the Year: Theo-Leighton de Kock